Localization Engineering Services

  • Evaluation & Analysis

    Whether your project is a simple document translation or a sophisticated software product, performing a complete and thorough initial evaluation of source files will help prevent future surprises and problems. Undertaking a detailed analysis of the source files will also provide your project managers with the necessary information to enable them to create accurate project schedules, resource plans, and budgets.

    I can help with:

    • Identification and isolation of translatable resources
    • Selection of tools to be used in translation and engineering
    • Identification of potential problem areas to avoid future rework
    • Provide statistics and volumes, such as word counts, graphic counts, and translation memory reusability
  • File Preparation

    Correct file preparation is one of the most vital steps of localization engineering; faults caused by incorrect preparation will surface as issues during production, impacting schedules and costs. Careful analysis and testing, along with clear instructions to the translation team can minimize the risks.

    I can help with:

    • Configuration of build environments
    • Isolation of translatable resources
    • Creation of custom file parsers and filters
    • Pseudo-translation of resources
    • Extraction and preparation of image and other multimedia text
    • Translation kit preparation, including necessary instructions
  • Engineering

    At various stages throughout the localization cycle, translated files will need to be converted to their source format, and may also require compilation and bug-fixing. If an update is required during the project cycle, I can help you determine the most economical and efficient way of proceeding. I work with most common localization tools and industry standard processes, while being flexible with incorporating propietary tools into the process if required.

    I can help with:

    • Conversion of translated files to original version formats
    • Compilation and bug-fixing of online help
    • Software dialog box resizing and resource validation
    • Software compilation and build generation
    • Screen capturing
    • Project update management
    • Translation memory maintenance
  • Quality Assurance

    From QA of translated strings and text files, to functional and cosmetic testing of complete online help systems and software products, I have the experience to know what issues may occur, and where.

    I can help with:

    • Custom made test scripts for QA of help and software
    • Functional and cosmetic testing of localized online help, software UI, eLearning courses, and multimedia
    • Hosting of web-accessible e-Learning courses for QA and linguistic testing
    • Bug reporting and database creation, maintenance, and hosting
  • Support

    Providing technical advice and support is important for the team effort involved in a localization project.

    I can help with:

    • Localization consultancy and support for client engineers, project managers, and translation team
    • Project post-mortem reports

Tools & Technologies

  • Tools
      CAT Tools
    • SDL Trados, including...
      • Studio 2009-2014
      • Workbench
      • TagEditor
      • S-Tagger
      • WinAlign
      • Multiterm
    • Atril Deja Vu
    • MemoQ
    • Swordfish
    • Rainbow
      Online Help Localization
    • RoboHelp
    • MadCap Flare
    • WebWorks Publisher
    • Doc-to-Help
    • HTMLHelp Workshop
    • HTMLQA/HelpQA

      Documentation Localization
    • CorelDraw
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Quark Xpress
    • Microsoft Office
    • OpenOffice
      Software Localization
    • Alchemy Catalyst
    • Multilizer
    • SDL Passolo
    • QT Linguist
    • POEditor

      e-Learning Localization
    • Lectora Inspire
    • Adapt
    • Articulate Storyline
  • Technologies
      Online Help
    • WinHelp
    • HTMLHelp
    • WebHelp
    • WebWorks Help
    • Oracle Help
    • JavaHelp
    • Win32/Win64 (.rc, .dlg, .dll, .exe etc)
    • Microsoft .NET (.resx)
    • Java (.properties, .po, .msg etc)
    • Android Packages

    • XML
    • JavaScript
    • VBScript
    • PHP
    • Microsoft .ASP (XHTML, ASP, PHP etc)